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Every person is unique. And with each person there is an equally as unique method to discovering and maintaining harmony in life. Emma Wallace created In Harmony Natural Therapies with this in mind. She is a passionate massage therapist who has been well versed in the industry for over 13 years. What sets her apart from other massage therapists, however, is her profound intuitive ability to help each client find the root of their problem and reach an outcome that exceeds expectations. There’s nothing like seeing someone walk into In Harmony Natural Therapies with the weight of the world on their shoulders and watching them leave with a new refreshing spring in their step.

Working from a home-based clinic in Mt. Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula, Emma is able to provide clients with an exceptionally professional experience while also balancing life as a single mum to two children. She is an avid learner, always seeking new modalities to incorporate into her treatments, and working in her own clinic allows her the freedom to use her extensive knowledge to achieve individual results for each client’s needs. She is a highly gifted and passionate massage therapist with an overwhelming sense of empathy and compassion for all those who cross her path.


At In Harmony Natural Therapies it’s not just about massage therapy, it’s about total wellbeing and transformation. Emma is dedicated to ensuring that her clients attain the results they seek so that they can live balanced, healthy, beautiful lives without the hindrance of physical pain or mental stress. No treatment is identical to another. Each client can be assured that their experience will be particular to their own needs. Professional though warm, In Harmony Natural Therapies is an atmosphere filled with rejuvenation, positivity, and true transformation for those who need it most.

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